Saturday, July 24, 2010


It's a 4000 year old civilization, casting its influences from Egypt to Afghanistan, through Libya, Italy and other lands the greeks themselves contributed to explore. Greece is a must for all of you who want to know about history and tradition, yet not many people know enough about what Greece is today.
Often in a troublesome position due to harsh relationships with countries such as Macedonia (which greeks refer to as 'Fyrom') and Turkey (inconvenient neighbour in Cyprus), Greece has always been a frontline between Asia and Europe. The interests of the British, German, Russian, American élite have made Greece what it is today, after long struggles within the Ottoman empire.
Its religion and traditions make Greece a very peculiar country in the European Union (which they joined in 1981) and a stronghold of ancient values and ideas. Theatre, music, poetry, philosophy are just some of the achievements of the greek people, which later became an important minority in countries such as Libya, Armenia, Georgia, Italy, but also the Usa and Australia.

Despite its rather small population (about 11 millions), Greece is today under worldwide attention for its difficult economic situation. On the edge of bankruptcy, Athens decided to cut off public spending (except for military purposes..) and now hard times are hitting Hellas. Some of its thousand islands are currently on sale, and mass rallies keep filling the squares with protests and social discontent.
Putting at stake Greek progress and culture means giving up on fundamental themes such as 'hospitality' and 'conviviality'. Let us help the greeks overcome this difficult situation through tourism, support and genuine interest in this wonderful land.
From Patras to Larissa, through Delphi and Athens, we will be visiting the people who seek to give out a new idea of Greece, in order to open to the world and have a better cohabitation with neighbour countries and people. This is why we invite all of you, who have an interest in greek matters and outlooks, to give us suggestions on:


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