Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Step 1 - Shoot

Photography by Roberto Bomfigli

This has to be one of the most interesting shoots I've been in. Just thinking about the various backgrounds of each individual, who, by the way, aren't professional actors at all, made it quite atopic. It was fun.

So last week we did a shoot with some friends and members of Atopos portraying significant Greek figures. Using a bright green bedsheet as green screen, and also thanks to Roberto for lending his studio and lights to complete the set - VOILA, a workable production house IN the HOUSE. such a relief, big smiles all around as everyone took turns putting on their togas.

We scheduled a date. Made arrangements. Used some random white fabric, ribbons and canvass as togas and door handles for brooches. Chose which characters to portray, contemplated on it. Came together and birthed the baby!

As Heraclitus says, "Panta Rei"/"Everything Flows", so do we.
Now on to Step 2.


after hitchhiking experience Atopos in the Balkans

.. Project Greece 2010

                                              how about connect with us through FLICKR
work by Walter Paoletti for Mare Mostrum

  • 13/09/10 Delphi, the oracle - town of Apollo, the first appearance of 'atopos', the unpredictable

  • 16/09/10 Kythnos, archeological expedition with professor ALEXANDER MAZARAKIS,thanks to google translate you can read about the civilization of Kythnos HERE
the rest-- we'll see!

if you want to learn some greek in the meantime

Sunday, September 5, 2010

Ready or not, here we come

One week more before we leave for Patras and already the gods are calling, "Yoohooo, better pack those bags, charge those batteries and get ready." Theres a load of prep to do. First things first, equipment:
1. Cameras. Video and photo. Hand carry if possible, tripod and handle only if necessary, straps. Mic? yes.
2. Notebook, both. External HDs and USBs + ports. Battery chargers, essential.
3. Travel light. Backpack with waist strap (lest our backs die). Map.

And of course, our healthy and able documentors. (flexing those "muscles")
More videos and articles soon!


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