Monday, September 27, 2010

Day 15: Art and Travel

The lack of suitable titles has led me to label this post 'Art and Travel'. This led me to think about traveling as an art and art as a means of travel. I'd say that both suit each other well and work together in the best possible way - considering also how in the worst possible circumstances while traveling, creativity always saved us. Danae and Vasilios seem to be the human representation of these two separate subjects yet upon close inspection one can conclude that they do, in fact, resemble each other. The warm sunny morning allowed us to interview them while sitting on the grass beside olive trees.

Of course by art, I also mean literally going to art university where Danae is about to complete her degree in painting. We went in to see its insides and explore the spaces devoted to nothing more but creation -or destruction, and beauty, and many other blessed-cursed things. Seriously, walking past these doorways to dreaming really activates the senses and by the time you walk out, your about ready to start the day all over again. Absolutely refreshing.

Of course, we had the pleasure of seeing Danae's paintings. She paints thick and bright, unafraid of color yet keenly aware of the subtleties involved when vivid reality meets vivid sensations. I was very happy to see her work and sad for not taking a picture of her earlier works when we passed by her apartment!

These two will be exhibited soon in Athens.

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