Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Day 16: Agios Ioannis

Driving to Agios Ioannis felt like a roller-coaster ride in slow motion. It all started after Volos, around sunset, when 25kms worth of curves HAD to be traversed. Steep and twisty, many roads didn't register on the GPS, but that was the least interesting part. Tiny villages with only men (visible), young and old, at the bar, looking at you like some intruder and then, masses and masses of lush green pine and bush straight out of a fairytale.

Wild. Out of this world. Too dark to record on camera. Dang.

Upon reaching some sort of peak (after spinning around all those curves), we entered the fog (or perhaps, the clouds?) and then it started to feel like we were entering into the... Twilight Zone.

We did finally arrive to our destination, happy to have come all the way despite the ride because this place is truly unlike any other tourist destination in Greece. Its the combination of mountain, forest, beach, and sea all together in this small little town, far from the mess of the city with a tiny boulevard lined with tavernas - good food, what else could spell vacation?
For the first time we relax and do nothing.

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