Sunday, September 26, 2010

Day 14: New Peaks

Today was chuck-full of experiences. I'd say new peaks were reached both literally - hiking up a mountain peak, eating some delicious local food, and also emotionally, broke down.

It was good to be in the company of both Vasilios and his girlfriend Danae, who both also experienced some intense non-stop traveling together. In fact, they both made the record of biking from Olympia, origin of the olympic games, all the way to Beijing, China during the 2008 olympic games. More on their journey HERE.

I thank them both for their patience and understanding. It was a lucky encounter for us and a perfect time to sort out some challenges we've been having. By nightfall we all hung out by the living room looking through pictures and videos of their great adventure. Its no easy task for sure, but its also a wealth of joy for them seeing all these different places and meeting (and being hosted) by different people. Its truly beautiful to see how after an enormous challenge you come out new, as if reborn with new eyes, new perspectives and a greater love for existence.

Funny how the day came out while in the morning, raw foodist Costas came to pick some almonds in Vasilios' farm. Lucky for him Vasili doesn't like nuts (nutty! hehe) so he can take as much as he likes and use the shells for his small jewelry business. Confused? Ok, Costas creates jewelry out of seeds, shells, nuts, anything from a plant basically and look at how happy guru he looks. :)

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  1. This is looking very interesting. It looks like you are finding some very diverse people to talk to and as hosts and the pictures and titles all look really well done and make me curious to see it all come together.



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