Thursday, September 23, 2010

Day 11: Coal Plants

This was the only thing about Kozani everyone was right about: Coal-powered electrical plants. Its true that there are many surrounding the city but not too near from it. We went to visit one and tried to gain access into its premises - to no avail. A bit frustrated we walk back to the car and meet a worker on his way out. It makes us consider the many other dimensions of the phenomenon of power plants. Theres the dimension of work/jobs that provide for thousands of families, theres the dimension of energy that is being utilized by the city, by people who work, students, hospitals, machinery. Its a big web that binds everybody, even without you knowing. Sustainability is still ideal and should be aspired and performed in all possible ways but on top of that, theres the great challenge of educating people out of their dependency on the machinery that binds them. For that to happen, it will take some more time, more efforts, more experience.

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