Sunday, September 19, 2010

Day 7: Off the sea and back on the road again

4 days in Kythnos turned out to be much more than we expected. After the initial shock (met with a slight feeling of doom that can only be compared to being at the mercy of gods), we went in and flowed with the flow anyway. Foreigners don't often ponder their ignorance which, in our case, was exactly the case. However, this seemed to work out extra well as we went from adventure to surprise each and every single day. The landscape and its bare furnishings was clearly not the end of the story. All the people we met, the places we walked and swam to with its little nooks and corners, witnessing the light bounce off our cheeks and on the hills, changing colors and smelling different smells, tasting different tastes - just so many things have touched us, shaken us from not abiding to the law of "Do not Judge a book by its cover".

Experience like this makes you happy about being wrong sometimes. It makes surprises all the more surprising.


  1. what happens then? i'm just back from the balcans...

    are you already back?



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