Saturday, September 25, 2010

Day 13: Farm life in Peristera

Vasilios Mesitides, our host, turned out to be the first Greek to travel around the world by bike.Literally by bike, which meant 14 months 54000 km through 40 countries on 4 continents. Its the stuff of movies what he did yet he went on about it so casually while cooking us a delicious asian stir-fry (we try to limit our amazement at this point).
We also heard some of his recordings. He sings acapella - what a voice, and together with his girlfriend (yes they sing together, isn't that amazing?) they both create a sound so profound that it could potentially heal the sick. Its holy stuff. and did I mention he is now an organic farmer for over a year now? Its all natural honest-to-goodness direct from the ground produce here. I even had the chance of planting some lettuce and tasting some baby tomatoes direct from the source.

Imperfection is beauty in this farm, no odd-shaped fruit/vegetable is shunned, and if a root or vine prefers to wander outside the "designated" area, it simply wanders away! Wild is loved and celebrated. The intimacy with nature is felt even more here than anywhere else -perhaps it has something to do about touching the ground with your bare hands or knowing that the food you eat is from a living growing plant, nearby.

Later in the afternoon we meet up with his friend Kay and his girlfriend Danae. We did a little tour in Thessaloniki and proceeded to Block33 where a big arts and music fest was about to begin. A lot of interesting acts performed from music to theater and dance. It was extremely satisfying to witness some creative activity in Greece.

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